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Big Bank (HSBC) and European `````` Banks Announce Red Alert!!!!!!!!!!! The crash is near!!!!

******* GLASS-STEAGALL *******
Call Your Senators and DEMAND that this law be REINSTATED.....NOW!!!!!!!!!!!
Call your Senators and demand that Mnuchan be rejected

The very economic survival of this country depends upon putting this bill BACK on the books where it belongs!
It was illegally removed by treasonous individuals in Congress in 1999.!! No matter who you like or dislike politically this Bill Must be reinstated. Before the System as we know it, CRASHES. . . which it will without warning!!!!! Wall St is Fininshed! Don't Let Yourself and the U.S. go Down with it!!
CALL your Rep in Congress and Demand that he or she does the right thing and put this
law back immediately.!!! Time is running out and our country and economic survival depend upon Strong financial-regulation. Not this Runaway speculation that has caused all of this grief in the first place and that is destroying us!!!
Do Not let Steve Mnuchan become a Presidential Cabinet member in charge of Finance because he foreclosed on a 90 yr old woman out of her house because her payment was short .27cents among many other horrible things he did against the American people FOR MANY YEARS and will try to openly prevent The Glass-Steagall law from being reinstated!!!

If you wish to get More information on Glass-Steagall, etc., talk with us further, participate in meetings with Congress persons or other officials on this matter or circulate petitions, please call show contact info or show contact info and ask for Gerald.

Glass-Steagall, or Die: No Other Option

On July 11, Lyndon LaRouche issued an emergency statement, declaring that the European financial-economic system was hopelessly rotten, and that the only remaining question was whether it would collapse tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. Events of the subsequent 24 hours have vividly re-echoed LaRouche's warning. But if Europe goes down, the U.S. goes down, he said; if the U.S. goes down, Europe goes down as well.
Both the European and U.S. sides of the terminal breakdown crisis, center on masses of fake "bailout" debts which have strangled the physical economy, and can coexist with it no longer. LaRouche went on to specify what is now the only remaining option for resolving the crisis, and thus the only alternative to a worldwide eclipse of civilization in a new Dark Age.
The key first step is Glass-Steagall, first in the United States, and then immediately in Europe. That will wipe off the books the fake assets, the "bailouts," which the financial oligarchy is murdering whole populations in order to try to defend. These phony, speculative debts will be handed back to the merchant banks where they originated, to sink or swim with them; they will no longer be the responsibility of governments, as they are now under the "bailouts."
Then, a bankruptcy reorganization along Hamiltonian lines is required, out of which a credit system must emerge, to replace the present monetarist systems, as specified by Alexander Hamilton's authorship of this keystone element of the U.S. Federal Constitution. In a credit system, credit will be issued on the basis of future physical productivity of the economy, the physical economy.
A return to an international fixed-rate exchange system, like Franklin Roosevelt's Bretton Woods system, is an immediate urgent step to permit the US to issue international credits to reactivate the European economies, which they would be unable to do on their own.
Every delay in following LaRouche's leadership leads to deepening disaster. Because, if Europe collapses, the U.S. collapses, and then all the rest. And vice versa and No Artificial balance of budgets will save it!!!!!!
Therefore, they have no option. Glass-Steagall, or die.

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